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Miracle Gro Soaker Hose EZ Tee Connector Replacement Part

Miracle Gro Soaker Hose EZ Tee Connector Replacement Part
  • $5.02

EZ Soaker Hose Customization
The Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose system is the perfect way to water your flower beds, gardens, or lawn, from the roots upwards. Using the simple cut-n-connect system and spare parts such as this tee connector, you can ensure supreme coverage throughout.

Create Your Perfect Watering Solution
Extend the reach and coverage of your Miracle-Gro soaker hose without having to buy an entirely new system with this spare connector part. Add length and bends with additional connector parts, ensuring superb watering from the roots up.

Make a Lasting Connection with our Friction-Fit System
No need to twist the two parts together or click them in, just push the two ends of the Element soaker hose fittings together and bury your complete soaker hose system.

Sturdy and Reliable - For Years of Performance
With no moving parts required, this high-impact plastic tee connector will stick by you for years of reliable performance.

  • REPLACEMENT PART: Easily replace or add a part to your Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose System with this EZ tee connector part
  • BUILD YOUR OWN CUSTOM SOAKER SYSTEM: For extra bends or length, add this Element soaker hose fitting to your soaker hose kit without having to buy another full system
  • FRICTION-FIT CONNECTION: The tee connector piece features a friction-fit connection that will stay securely fastened without any twisting or clicking required
  • DESIGNED FOR YEARS OF USE: With its simple design and durable, high impact plastic material, the tee connector will provide years of reliable performance
  • FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE IRRIGATION HOSE: With its easy cut-n-connect system, the Miracle-Gro Soaker Hose Kit allows you to tailor your soaker system for perfect coverage of your flower beds, gardens, or lawn. This convenient spare part can help you to customize your system

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