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Married with Children, Vol. 2 - The Most Outrageous Episodes

Married with Children, Vol. 2 - The Most Outrageous Episodes
  • $5.00

Here are more select episodes from the grungy, middle-class existence of the Bundy family, centerpiece of Fox TV's early hit series Married with Children. Choice bits include "A Man's Castle," finding Al (Ed O'Neill) in a crisis of masculine confidence after wife Peg (Katey Sagal) redecorates his bathroom fortress-of-solitude with frilly trappings. "Who'll Stop the Rain" concerns Al's misguided (and cheap) effort to fix a roof leak, resulting in multiple, earthbound falls. "Raingirl" is a good showcase for sexy comic actress Christina Applegate, playing Bundy daughter Kelly as a television station intern-turned-weather bunny suddenly offered a $250,000 contract; the problem is that her manager is also her bungling father, Al. "If Al Had a Hammer" finds the Bundy patriarch building a private room with his heirloom hammer--until the secret gets out. Gross, outrageous, but often sharp about the heaven-hell dichotomy of family life. --Tom Keogh

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