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Lawn & Patio - Smokin-O's BBQ Smoke Rings - Wood-fire Taste for Gas Grills, Original

  • $8.99

Tags: Lawn, Patio, Lawn & Patio, Smokin-O's, BBQ, Smoke, Rings, Wood-fire, Taste, for, Gas, Grills, , Original, Smokin-O's BBQ Smoke Rings - Wood-fire Taste for Gas Grills, Original buy in

Get real wood-fired taste from your gas grill with Smokin-O's! Smokin-O's BBQ smoke rings are a innovative new product proudly made in Montana that makes gas grilled foods taste just like they were cooked over a real wood fire. Smokin-O's gives plain, everyday chicken, beef, fish, pork, steak, and veggies a kiss of real wood smoke which you normally can't find on a gas grill. Best of all, grilling with Smokin-O's is fast and easy. Simply place the Smokin-O directly on your gas grill as you preheat the grill. In 5-10 minutes the smoke ring will begin to smoke. Once smoking, turn your grill down to normal cooking temperature, place your food on the grates next to the Smokin-O, close the lid and grill like normal! Our secret recipe of 100% real wood and spices is all natural and contains no chemicals or fillers unlike charcoal. Getting just the right amount of smoke with Smokin-O's is super-easy unlike wood chips. Smokin-O's deliver mouthwatering real wood-fired taste from your gas grill all with no fuss and no mess. If you own a gas grill, you have to try Smokin-O's. They are perfect for tailgates, family picnics and BBQs, or for just grilling your everyday dinner. Once you grill with Smokin-O's you won't want to grill again without them!
  • 100% Applewood & Spices, made in the USA, Available in 3 flavors: Original, Applewood, & Mesquite
  • Smokin-O's give gas grilled foods a kiss of real wood-fired smoke, each package contains 6 smoke rings
  • 100% Natural, contains no hidden chemicals/binders unlike many charcoals and wood chips
  • Smokin-O's light in only 5-10 minutes with no soaking, no fuss, no mess
  • Works great in smokers, charcoal, and outdoor electric grills too!

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